Good SEO work only gets better over time.
(c.) Jill Whalen
SEO expert

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An initial step on the road to success of your website is gauging its efficiency:
  • SEO-audit shows if a website complies with requirements of search systems, whether there are any trouble spots, and what is its ranking on search results.
  • Analysis of visitors and determination of the target audience. We will help you to determine your target audience, find out about their interests and preferences. Analyzing behavior factors, you will be able to make your business show to advantage on the Internet.
  • Monitoring of social signals. We will analyze your visibility on social media and offer an optimal strategy of promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.Pages and groups in social networks will draw more visitors to your website.
  • Analysis of website architecture. Our SEOs will optimize your website structure and improve its usability. It is a key to improvement of traffic. A website has to be interesting and user-friendly.
Examine preferences and interest of your customers

At the second stage of website promotion we will build a semantic kernel i.e. pick keywords relevant to your business sphere. Keywords will be used for creating quality content and promoting your website on the Internet. You will see how your customers find you and be able to study your target audience.

Plan with confidence

An essential component of website promotion is elaboration of an effective business strategy. Our SEO and digital marketing professionals will eagerly offer both approved methods and innovative solutions of website promotion. Web-marketing and SEO will work towards your success!


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